1) Preliminary provisions

The Shop available on the internet address is run by Promo Trading sp. z o.o., 95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Legionów 10a lok.12, KRS 0000357319, REGON 100885225, NIP 9471969283.

Present regulation is addressed to Consumers and also Entrepreneurs using this Shop and sets rules of using the Internet Shop. It specifies the rules and Contract conclusions made with the Client in the distance through the Shop

2) Definitions

Consumer– natural person containing the contract with the Seller under the Shop which subject is not directly connected with its economic or occupation activity.

Seller– Promo Trading sp. z o.o., 95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Legionów 10a lok.12, KRS 0000357319, REGON 100885225, NIP 9471969283.

Client- every subject purchasing anything by the shop

Entrepreneur– natural, legal entity and organizational unit that is not a legal entity whose separate settings awards legal capacity and performing economic activity in its own name and uses the Shop.

Shop– online store run by the Seller under the -email address

Distance Contact– contract made with the Client as part of an organised system of distance contract(under the Shop) without phisical presence at the same time with usage one or more distant means of communication till the moment of conclusion of the contract inclusive.

Regulations– present regulations of the Shop.

Order– customer’s declaration of will submited with Order Form which is going directly to make a Product Sales Contract with the Seller.

Account– Client’s account in the Shop. Data given by the Client and information about Client’s orders are stored here.

Registration form– the form available in the Shop. It allows to create the Account.

Order Form– interactive form available in the Shop. It allowes to place an Order, in particular by adding the Product to the Basket and determination of conditions of Selling Contract including delivery and payment.

Basket–  Shop software element where Products chosen by Client are visible. There is also a possibility of modification and settlement Order’s data in particular number of Products.

Sales Contract– sales contract of the Product which is contracted between the Client and the Seller by the Online Shop. Through the Contract it is also obvious- according to the Product’s features- the Service Contract and Contract work.

3) Contact

Seller address:

Promo Trading sp. z o.o., 95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Legionów 10a lok.12, KRS 0000357319, REGON 100885225, NIP 9471969283

Email address:

Phone number: +48 606210666, +48 602666999

Bank account:

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski SA – 85 1020 3378 0000 1502 0288 9335

The Client can communicate with the Seller through the addresses, phone numbers given in this paragraph. The Client can call to the Seller on working days from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

4)  Technical requirements

To use the Shop including browsing assortment and ordering products you need:

– end device connected to the Internet and the browser e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari

– active e-mail account

– cookies enabled

5) General  information

The Seller, in the widest acceptable law, is not responsible for any problems like breaks in Shop operating which  is not his fault, unauthorized action of third parties or incompability between the Shop and Client’s technical infrastructure.

To browse the Shop’s assortment you do not need to create an Account. Placing an order is  possible by placing an Account according to the statement paragraph 6 Regulations or by placing necessary personal and address data that make realization possible without placing an Account.

The prices in the Shop are in Polish currency and they are gross prices. The final price includes the price of the Product and the delivery (transport charge, delivery and postal service). The Client is informed about it on the Shop’s website during placing the order and during the will of making a Deal of Sale.

If the specification of the subject of the contract does not allow  to count the final price earlier, all the information (how the price is counted, about charges of transport, delivery, postal service and other ) will be given in the Product’s Description. The Seller gives invoice or receipt.

6)  Placing an Account in the Shop.

To place an Account you should complete the Registration Form available on the website “my account” or during placing an order. Your name, surname, address,
e-mail and phone number is necessary. Placing an Account is free of charge. To log in you give login and password from the registration Form. The Client can remove the Account in any time without any reason for free. The Client sends the request to the Seller on e-mail or through the Post Office on the address given in paragraph 3.

7) Ordering rules.

To place an Order:

– log in the Shop (optional)

– choose Product and click the button “Add to Basket”

– log in or place an order without registration

– if the option without registration is chosen the Form must be filled with the address, Client’s data and the Order. Delivery (the way  of Shipping) and if the invoice is needed, write the necessary data- Name of the company, NIP (tax  identification number) and the address.

–  choose one of the possibilities given, pay for the Order in the specified time with the point of paragraph 8 point 3.

– Accept the Regulations

– Push the button “Pay and buy”

8) Offered methods of delivery and payment

The Client can use given methods of the delivery of the  ordered Product:

– Courier Service

– Personal pickup after previous telephone contact

The Courier can use given methods of payment:

– payment by bank transfer  on the Seller account

– electronic payment Przelewy24 (online bank transfer or payment card – the payment card operator is PayPro SA Agent Rozliczeniowy, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000347935, NIP 7792369887, REGON 301345068)

– cash on delivery or on personal pickup

Detailed information about delivery methods and acceptable payment methods are available on the Shop websites.


9) Realisation

Conclusion of the Contract between the Client and the Seller follows after placing the Order by the Client with the ordering form in the Internet Shop according to the paragraph  7 of Regulations.

After placing the Order the Seller immediately confirms it and gives the order to realisation. Confirmation of the Order and its realisation follows through sending sending specified information to the Client on his/her e-mail address given during placing the Order. The information contains at least Seller’s statements about getting the Order, its realisation and the confirmation of the Selling Contract. The moment the Client gets the e-mail the Contract is concluded between the Seller and the Client.

When the Client chooses:

Payment through ordinary transfer, elecrtonic payment by Przelewy24 or payment by credit card, Client is obliged to make the payment within 7 callendar days from the day of concluding the Contract. In other case the Order is deleted. The product will be sent by the Seller in the term given in its descriprtion (in the  paragraph 5 of this part) in the way chosen by the Client during placing an order.

In case of ordering Products with different terms of delivery, the appropriate delivery term is the longest given term. If the term is not given the shipment will be done in 7 days from the Order.

The beginning of the Shipment term starts from the day when the payment is posted on the Seller’s bank account.

If the Product’s description does not contain any information about  the term of delivery, the maximum period of time to deliver the Product is 7 callendar days till the Parcel is given to the delivery service.

Shipment of the Product is possible only in Poland.

Shipment is payable, unless the Contract says differently.

The cost of the Product (delivery payment, shipment, postal service) is given on the Shop’s website in “shipping and payment” tab. Client is also informed about the payment during placing the Order and also during giving the Client’s will to sign the Contract.

10) Right of withdrawal

Consumer is allowed to withdraw fromn the Contract in the term of 14 days without any reason.

The term starts from the day of Product delivery to the Client or other person pointed by the Consument (but not the courier)

In case of the Contract containing more Products, delivered separately, partially or in parts, this term starts when the last item or part is delivered.

Consumer can withdraw from the Contract, making a statement about withdrawal. To keep the deadline the Consumer sends the statement before the settled term.

The statement can be sent through the traditional post or on Seller’s e-mail.

The statement can be also placed on the website in “Returns and Complains” tab- the contact data of the Seller are given in paragraph 3. The statement should be placed on the form available in “Returns and Complains” tab.

When the statement is sent by e-mail, the Seller immediately sends back the confirmation about the withdrawal on the return e-mail address.

Withdrawal from the Contract cosequences

In case of withdrawing from the Contract made in distance is considered as not contracted.

In case of withdrawing from the Contract, the Seller sends back to the Customer all the payments done by the Customer not later than in 14 days from receiving the statement about withdrawing from the Contract.

Payment return is done by the Seller on the Consumer’s bank account given by the Client in the form. The Seller can wait with sending back the payment until the Product comes back from the Client.

Customer should send the Product back on the Seller’s address given in the Regulations, as soon as possible, not later than 14 days from the day the Customer informs the Seller about the withdrawing from the Contract. The term will be valid if the Customer sends the Product back in 14 days from receiving the Product.

Consumer bears the direct cost of the Product return. The Shop does not take parcels sent by “cash on delivery”. Consumer is responsible for the decrease in value of the Product connected with the usage in  the different way than it was necessary to claim the character features and Product’s functioning.

If the Product’s features make obsticles in sending it back by post, the information about it and about the return is in the Product description in the Shop.

The right of withdrawal from the contract concluded in  the distance is not available for the Client when:

The Product is the non-prefabricated item, produced according to Consumer specification or used to Consumer’s individual needs and the Product is the item delivered in closed package. After opening, it  can not be returned because of the health protection or hygienic issues. When the package is opened after delivery- and the Product is an item that can go bad quickly or the term of conasumption is short.

When the Seller made the service in agreement with the Customer who was informed before the service started that after fulfilling the service by the Seller, the Consumer looses the right of withdrawal from the Contract.

The return or replacement is possible only when the Product wasn’t used or broken and it is complete.

When the recipient does not collect the parcel in the indicated term (because of the recipient) second sending of the parcel will have to be paid again according to the price list.

When the recipient does not collect the parcel in the indicated term (because of the recipient) and resigns of the order the cost of the product will be send back without the cost of the shipment.

Recipient must add the receipt or invoice to the parcel.

11)  Complaint and warranty

New Products are under the Selling Contract. The Seller must deliver the Product which is without any defects. When the Product is defective the Client can complain aboit it in law on regulations in Civil Code. If the Client is the Enterpreneur, both sides exclude liability about warranty.

Cpomplaint should be reported written or by e-mail on the address given in the Regulations.

It is recommended to include a description of the defect, the date of occurance of the defect, Client’s data and the request about the defect.

When the Order is not complete the rest of it will be sent by the courier at the expence of the Shop or the appropriate ammount of money will be sent back on the Consumer bank account.

The Complaint does not include the difference in colour that can be caused by the monitor set up and other desktops displaying Product’s pictures from the Shop.

Complaints connected to the Product’s defaults during transportation will be considered only with the protocol written by the courier enclosed.

The Seller will respond to the complaint immediately, not later than 14 days, and if the term is over the Seller regards the Client’s request as justified.

Products sent in the procedure of complaint should be sent to the address given in paragraph 3 in this Regulations.

When the Product has a warranty the information about it will be present in the description  of the Product in the Shop.

12) Extrajudicial  ways of claims consideration and redress

Detail information about possibilities of extrajudicial ways of claims by the Client and all the rules connected ,  are available on the website and headquarters of Consumer ambudsman, Voivodship Trade Inspectorate and under e-mail address of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection:;

The Consumer has different possibilities of extrajudicial ways of claims consideration and redress.

The Client is also able to turn to consumer court of arbitration (Article 37 of theTrade Inspection Act from 15 December 2000) with the proposal of settlement consequented from the contract with the Seller.

The Consumer is obliged to turn to the Voivodship Trade Inspectorate complied with article 36 of the Trade Inspection Act from 15 December 2000 about Trade Inspection with the proposal about starting the madiation proceeding in terms of amicable settlement of the dispute between the Seller and the Client.

The Consumer can gain free help about discussed issue from poviat consumer ambudsman or social organisation (e.g. Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers).

13) Personal data in the Internet Shop.

Administrator of Client’s data is the Seller. The Seller gets the data by the Internet Shop and they are collected to realize the Sales Agreement and if the Client agrees also for marketing purposes. Recipients of personal data can be:

In case of the Client who uses the postal or courier delivery, Administrator gives the personal data to the chosen courier.

In case of the Client  who uses electric payment or credit card, Administrator gives the personal data to the Subject operating those payments in the Internet Shop.

The Client is allowed to to correct or change his/her personal data.

Giving the personal data is voluntary but when not given the necessary data in the Contract it resuls in no contract being concluded.

14) Final Provisions

All Contracts in the Shop are contacted in Polish language. The Seller reserves the right to change the Regulations in case of important issues:

change the law, change the way of payment and deliveries- if the changes influence on the realisation the Regulations.

When any unregulated issues occure generaly applicable rules of Polish law are used (Civil Code, Act on the provision of services online, Consumer Right Act, Personally Identifiable Information Protection Act).

The Client can use extrajudical way of claims consideration and redress. This is the case when the Client can use our internet platform ODR available on: