Privacy policy

1) General statements

Privacy policy of the Shop is informative which means that it is not the source of responsibilities for Recipients or Clients of the Shop. It mainly contains all the rules connected to data processing by the Administrator. It contains aims and the range of processing the personal data and personal rights of concerned people and information about cookies and analytical  tools.

Administrator of your data will be Promo Trading sp. z o.o., 95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Legionów 10a lok.12, KRS 0000357319, REGON 100885225, NIP 9471969283.

You can contact us by post on the address 95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki Legionów 10a/12 with the note “”, by phone +48606210660, +48602666999, and by e-mail:

Personal data in the Internet Shop is processed by the Administrator in accordance with applicable law and regulation of the European Parliament and the Civil Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 of April 2016 on the protection of individuals according to personal data processing and “RODO”.

2) Data Protection Officer

Nowadays we do not have a Data Protection Officer. When such a person is available the information about it will be available on our website.

3) The aims of personal data processing and legal basis of processing.

We will process your personal data to realize your orders and to run our marketing. We will process your personal data based on your acceptance. You can wthdraw from it any time.

4) Information regarding profiling for marketing purposes

Your personal data is not used for profiling- we do not use automatic rating of any details about you.

5) The period of storage your personal data.

We will store your data till the time you withdraw your agreement of data processing or till the time of termination of the legal obligation in storing information about concluded transactions.

6) Your personal data recipients

We will give your personal data to:

– Company that provides accounting services for us.

– Company that provides delivery service

– Company that provides online service

7) Data transfer outside the European economic area

We won’t transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area.

8) Your rights connected with the transfer of personal data

You have following rights connected with data transfer:

– the right to withdraw from the agreement

– the right to access to your personal data

– the right to demand to correct your personal data

– the right to remove your personal data

-the right to limit the transfer of your personal data

– the right to move your personal data, you can send your data to other Administrator or demand to send your data to other administrator by us. We will do it only if it  is technically possible. To use the rights, contact us.

9) The right to wthdraw from the agreement

Your personal data is transformed according to your agreement. You can wthdraw from it any time. When you withdraw from the agreement it does not influence on lawfulness of processing which was based on your agreement before withdrawing. You can withdraw it by contact with us.

10) The right to lodge a complaint with the authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority dealing with personal data protection- President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

COOKIES POLICY            

Cookies policy is IT data storred in the end device and it is dedicated to use the websites.

Mainly they are text files with the name  of the website, time of storage and their unique number. The service does not collect automatically any information except those contained in cookies files. Cookies files are dedicated to use websites of the service. The operator uses them to:

– log in and maintain the session on the every next website

– to fit the content of the website to the individual user prefferences

– cookies recognizes its device to display the page according to the device’s prefferences

– to create anonymous statistics without possibilities to use the user’s identity

Cookies files have its own privacy policy. To make the data safe we made interior procedures that prevent the data going out. We control them and check their compability with appropriate law rights- RODO, Personally Identifiable Information Protection Act, The Provision of Electronic Services Act.

Standard software allows placing cookies files on the user’s end device. The settings can be changed by the user to block the cookies automatically.

Users can change any settings connected to the cookies. Detailed information and ways of servicing cookies files are available in the software settings (internet browser).

Examples of popular  browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: “”plHYPERLINK “”/HYPERLINK “”kbHYPERLINK “”/ciasteczka

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome: “″&HYPERLINK “″answer=95647


The service operator informs that the changes of settings in the browser can disable correct internet websites work.